About 403 Sarnia Wing

Aims & Objectives of the 403 Sarnia Wing

Since the 1950s, 403 Sarnia Wing has been home to Air Force veterans and we openly welcome all of those that areroundel interested in flight and aviation. We advocate for a proficient, well-equipped Air Force in Canada, while preserving and continuing the traditions established in Canada’s Air Force since its inception. We support the Royal Canadian Air Cadets and work closely with the Air Cadet League of Canada. We also recognize achievements in both civil and military aviation through the national awards of the Air Force Association of Canada.

Social Gatherings, Meetings, Parties & More

Our community hall is open to the public and our facilities house about 60-80 people. Visiting your local community hall regularly can be quite an experience as we have a very diverse range of clientele. We provide fun-filled entertainment, music, beverages and food that provides for an all-around great experience. If you need to rent out our facilities for a party, club meeting or social gathering, call 403 Sarnia Wing today – 519-344-8050.

Community-Minded Involvement

We participate in local civic and community programs by undertaking charitable and other projects of both a national and local character. We are also home to a number of community organizations including: Sarnia COPA Flight-7, Sarnia Airmen’s Club